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Roberto Juarez | New York

Roberto Plaza Roberto Plaza


250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281

This artwork is not open to the public

About the work

Juarez often combines many different types of images, using both casual, small sketches he makes almost daily, as well as found botanical and other prints as sources. The dynamic between intended shapes and those that happen in the rush of emotional brushwork convey a physical sense of the artist's pictorial dance. These non-hierarchical images allude to the way artists through the centuries have fixed the fleeting aspects of nature by using natural shapes and colors of flowers into permanent motifs, into symbols.

Plaza, 2003
Mixed media on paper
32 ½” H x 40 ¼” W x 2” D

About Roberto Juarez

American painter and printmaker, Roberto Juarez is a highly acclaimed artist. His travels to Mexico, Rome, the Dominican Republic, and India have a definitive effect on his art. His works are inspired by visual sources across a multicultural spectrum which he then reinterprets in his unique way. Juarez gravitated toward the traditions of Hispanic and non-Western painting, decorative arts and crafts, including pre-Columbian motifs. An Asian formal esthetic, too, is evident in the division of many of his canvases into vertical sections like those in decorative screens.