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Singular Response 2: The New York Stock Exchange

Ingrid Calame | New York

Ingrid Calame Singular Response 2 Ingrid Calame Singular Response 2


250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281

This artwork is not open to the public

About the work

In 2001, Calame made this pencil drawing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. She placed tracings of street stains from American cities—New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles—on the Main Trading Room floor that she then retraced. This playful cell-like form is placed on a ground of colorful stripes graduating from yellow to orange. Calame investigates mortality by putting images of loss and detritus in the container of an institutional body that reaches for immortality through economics. 

About Ingrid Calame

Since 1994, Ingrid Calame’s artistic practice has revolved around tracings she takes from the ground and reinterprets for the wall. Calame considers the indexical process of tracing to be a gathering of small increments of what is ultimately an overall drawing of the world.  Each mark left on the ground is an evidentiary fragment of human presence. Referring to the pounce wall drawings writer Michael Newman states, “As with other paintings and installations by Calame, the viewer feels that he or she is seeing something at once complete in itself and a part of something vast, even infinite.”