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William McElcheran | Toronto

Image of the Businessman installation Image of the Businessman installation


Brookfield Place Toronto
181 Bay St.
Toronto, M5J 2T3

About the artist

McElcheran’s Businessman was created in 1980, but McElcheran began modeling portraits as a young boy at the age of 10. The sculpture is now on display in the Bay Wellington Tower at Brookfield Place. When McElcheran was 16, he was granted an advanced second-year standing at the Ontario College of Art where he studied until 1948, receiving training as a carpenter and designer. During his time at the College, he earned a painting scholarship, and upon graduating at the top of his class in 1948, was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal. In the mid-fifties, he was employed by Bruce Brown and Brisely Architects in Toronto as a liturgical designer. During his employment, he became their lead designer for church and university buildings, and made a significant impact on architectural interior design. In 1958, he played a major role in the development of McMaster Divinity College and Chapel, contributing sculptures in stone and wood to the interior.

McElcheran began sculpting in the early sixties with wood, and later used bronze and other materials. After 1970, McElcheran started work on his pieces The Crowd, The (Rat) Race and Businessman, for display in Canadian cities. He continued to develop themes of futility and corporatization in his sculptures until his death.