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Garden of Design I and II

Akio Makigawa | Perth

Picture of the Akio Makigawa artwork Picture of the Akio Makigawa artwork


Brookfield Place Perth
125 St. Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000

About the work

“My work...is about what and how we perceive the fundamental things around us which give life: water, air, earth, fire.” 

Inspired by natural forms and phenomena such as clouds, seeds and water, Japanese-born Akio Makigawa’s works bring the fluidity and calm of nature into the formal spaces of the built environment. These two hand-tooled, marble tree-form sentinels evoke the elegant simplicity of trees or delicate buds about to open. 

Makigawa lived and worked in Perth for many years and is celebrated as one of Australia’s foremost sculptors. He died, aged just 51, at the height of his powers – his striking sculptural commissions gracing buildings and cityscapes across the world.