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Untitled/Parabolic series

George Sherwood | New York

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250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281

This artwork is not open to the public

About the work

George Sherwood explores aesthetic systems of space, time, and the dynamic relationships of objects in motion. The choreography of each piece is governed by a set of basic movements, facilitated by an arrangement of aerodynamic surfaces connected by rotational points. His work is usually made of stainless steel, the reflective qualities of which integrate the sculpture into its environment. Recently, Sherwood has been engaged with installations of wall - works for siting indoors, with elements so finely pitched, they respond to the slightest currents of air.  The wall works present a shimmering, subtly shifting surface of reflected light and color, animating its surrounding environment. 

Untitled/Parabolic series, 2020
Wall based sculpture

About George Sherwood

George Sherwood, an award-winning American sculptor, lives and works in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and holds degrees in both art and engineering.  Sherwood’s initial interest in the art of movement began during the 1970s. Drawn to and inspired by physical theater groups such as Mummenschanz, Pilobolus, and The Celebration Mime Theatre, he developed a theatrical performance consisting of large animated props, sculptures and masks that were manipulated by the performers. After earning an engineering degree in the 1980s he turned his focus to Concept Development for LEGO Futura the Research and Development arm of LEGO. It was during this time that he was introduced to the wind powered sculpture of George Rickey, a pioneer in kinetic sculpture. A growing passion to create his own sculpture led Sherwood to pursue this as a full time career.