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Brookfield Place Sydney
2-10 Carrington Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

About the work

Designed by renowned French artist and photographer Charles Pétillon, Magnetism is inspired by its scientific definition being the process of making a substance temporarily or permanently magnetic to the more human and emotional interpretations relating to attraction, love, and general pull towards a person or place.

Pétillon is known for his iconic works which capture large clusters of white balloons in a variety of configurations and environments. Seeming ‘invading’ urban and natural environments, Pétillon’s balloon installations transform our perceptions of space to change the way we see those things we live alongside each day.

“Metaphorically, Magnetism captures the infinite potential of future interactions between friends, colleagues and strangers flowing through Carrington Lane, or being ‘pulled’ so to speak by the lure of this artwork in an iconic place of passage.”