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Neon Forms- NOH 1 and NOH 2

Cerith Wyn Evans | New York

Neon Forms- NOH 1 and  NOH 2 image Neon Forms- NOH 1 and  NOH 2 image


Brookfield Place New York (BFPL)
230 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10821

About the work

The neon works  suspended from the ceiling take their form from the codified and precise movements of Japanese Noh theatre. According to White Cube, Cerith Wyn Evans focused on ideas around the flows of energy via material and immaterial conduits, circuitry and choreology – the practice of translating movement into notational form.  These works relate closely to the artist’s earlier sculptures which translated diagrammatic flight paths into neon. They present a maze of complex lines that trace the trajectory of alignments, gestures, folds, orientations and footsteps.

Cerith Wyn Evans began his career as a filmmaker producing short, experimental films and collaborative works but since the 1990s has created artworks that focus on language and perception, with a precise clarity towards their manifestation in space. He employs strategies of exhibition making that are often site-specific, viewing exhibitions as a catalyst to produce a reservoir of possible meanings and discursive experiences.