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Ruth Pastine | Los Angeles

Image of Limitless installation Image of Limitless installation


Ernst & Young Plaza
725 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Artist's statement

The complexity of visually linking the two adjoining monumental lobbies of Ernst & Young Plaza, inspired the dialoguing diptych configuration for each of the four immense walls. There is a rigorous tension at play between the four canvases in each lobby, which are connected and spaced as diptych pairs on adjacent walls, acknowledging the architectural symmetry with balance and rhythmic flow. Although architecturally they are mirror images in elevation, there is severe contrast between the two lobby spaces in terms of the luminosity of natural light and functionality, which was the motivation behind defining my color systems and the psychological atmosphere for each series of four paintings for the North main lobby and the South atrium lobby entrances. Conceptually, the four paintings from the Blue Orange Series in the North lobby and the four works from the Red Green Series in the South lobby encompass the finite color and perceptual systems that access limitless possibility. The perceptual interplay between bold, brilliant, and saturated color relationships in concert with intimate, dark, and subtle color experiences is revealed in the complex dialectic that shimmers across the seamless canvas surfaces. As I work serially, focused on the intense interaction between systems of color, structure and perception, the Limitless, 2009 installation at Ernst & Young Plaza was paramount in defining the direction of my new work, as I advance my process of perceptual installations of multiple systems.