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Woods Davy | Los Angeles

Woods Davy Collection Woods Davy Collection


Bank of America Plaza
333 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Combining organic materials and technological formalities, Woods Davy works with stones collected from the natural environment and assembles them into towering sculptures set in place with steel and metal beams. Every stone selected by Davy contains the story of its own formation. Davy allows the evidence if its interactions with the environment to remain intact while his linear, constructed beams serve as support systems for the contrasting smooth-edged curves of these stones that he carefully places within.

His fluid and precarious combinations appear weightless and beautifully balanced, with only slight evidence of the artist’s hand. Writer Shana Nys Dambrot observed that Davy’s work is the ultimate “collaboration between artist and nature” where the artist “prefers to cooperate with the pre-existing uniqueness” of his selected materials. Similar to other post-1960s artists, much of Davy’s work engages notions of oneness with nature and, through his sculptural formations, he pays tribute to the natural environment and the meditative beauty of its inherent state.

For this particular installation, Davy selected the site at the top of the stairs because it resembled a stage and created a perfect frame for the piece. He was also attracted to how the elevation highlighted the contrasts between the office towers in the skyline and the trees and grass of the plaza, a contrast that he felt mirrored the juxtaposition of stone and steel in his sculptures.