Employees working at Candor’s Sector 21, Gurugram campus had great fun at a magic and music based extravaganza hosted recently in the premises. Organised at the Rejuve Terrace in the campus, the event offered exciting activities, opportunities for people participation and special performances by artistes.

Elevating the workplace experience is on the minds of nearly all corporate organisations today. At Candor TechSpace, we have always supported our tenants’ efforts in this regard. From organising exciting events for their employees to creating dynamic, multi-use and experiential destinations in our campuses, we have done it all.

Candor recently organised a magic and music based event at its campus in Sector 21, Gurugram. The venue was the Rejuve Terrace, a unique, aesthetic-driven breakout zone that is designed in line with Candor’s vision of placemaking. This dedicated outdoor space has been serving as a rejuvenation hub in the campus since its inauguration a few months ago.

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The idea behind hosting the event was to bring in a fun and upbeat atmosphere into the campus and improve the work-life balance of employees working in the premises. There were various fun activities for employees to participate in. Some foot-tapping musical acts were also hosted on the occasion, with the entire audience cheering loudly for the performers. There was a special performance by Karan Singh, a renowned magician, mind reader and psychological illusionist. He had a bevy of tricks up his sleeve and it was a delight to witness him reading people’s thoughts, impressing them with his logic-defying deductions, and treating them to a few laughs while at it. And through it all, the audience rewarded him with rapt attention and enthusiastic clapping.

Also on offer was an energetic performance by djembe drummer Roy Roberts. Djembe is a goblet-shaped hand drum originating in West Africa. Apart from watching the live performance on stage, members of the audience also got the opportunity to play the drums themselves, amid applause from all present. Indeed, people participation was the biggest highlight of this magic and music based extravaganza, making the overall atmosphere in the campus upbeat and fun like never before!

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