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Our commitment to solar throughout our retail portfolio

As leaders in solar development, we continue to invest in installations that reduce our carbon footprint and generate financial savings. Our dedication earned us a sixth-place ranking among all U.S. companies for on-site solar capacity in the 2018 Solar Energy Industries Association “Solar Means Business” Report, and the highest rank for a mall property operator. We are committed to leveraging the business case for expanding on-site solar capacity and further reducing our grid electricity consumption.

Our US retail portfolio solar program


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The largest onsite solar array in Hawai'i

Ala Moana Center boasts one of the largest onsite solar arrays in the state of Hawaii. With significant measures in place the property has reduced its common area grid consumption by approximately 20% when compared to 2018. 

Ala Moana Center, located on the island of Oahu, has implemented multiple measures to enhance sustainable operations. This has included the installation of on-site solar generation, with the center producing over 5.8 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy in 2019. With this capacity, Ala Moana Center boasts one of the largest on-site solar arrays in the state of Hawaii. 

Ala Moana Center continues to reduce its energy consumption through LED upgrades, chiller replacements, and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) white roofs. A Building Automation System with integrated fault detection and analytics controls the lighting and HVAC at the center. The ability to see and correct anomalies in real time significantly increases operational efficiency. With all of these measures in place, Ala Moana Center reduced its common area grid consumption by 17% in 2019, when compared to 2018.