All of our campuses feature paintings, installations or mixed medium artwork. If you haven’t already, it’s time to develop an appreciation of art as we show you the curated work on display at our campuses in Sectors 21 and 48 of Gurugram.


People spend most of their waking hours at work but being in an office can become monotonous day in and day out. However, if there is art around the workplace it can make the space livelier and more interactive. But did you know that art can also have direct implications on employees’ drive to work as well as their mood, creativity, job satisfaction and productivity? An art-filled workspace can improve both employee well-being and the bottom line, as art is known to reduce stress through its relaxing, contemplative nature. Moreover, it can stimulate employees’ creativity or inspire their thought processes, thereby boosting their productivity.

At Candor TechSpace, we have made every effort to add an artistic touch to our campuses across India. The variety of art, be it paintings, installations or mixed medium work, has been curated with care to ensure a thematic blend with the landscape. The idea is not just to let the art boost the productivity, aid relaxation and reduce stress of employees working in the campuses, but also foster among them an appreciation of art.

Let’s take a walk through the curated art pieces at two of our campuses that are making a positive difference in the work experience of employees working there.



The bubble of happiness,
Wrapped in colours.

Brought to life the moments of fun,
The moment of the child in us.

Drawn were we to the calls of the balloonwala,
Were lost in time those magical moments.

Frozen in time is the spirit of his.
One who spread the joy,
One who spread the smiles.
The bubbles of happiness wrapped in colours.

To add a moment to your life,
Comes the balloonwala…..


Rush for a meeting,
Dash for the corner office,
Plan the next schedule,
Chase a strange dream,
Run the world,
But pause for a hummingbird,
Pause for the chase of squirrels,
Pause to chimes of blowing breeze,
Pause to be you,
And go get the world again.



I live the life of an Entrepreneur.
I live the life of a Friend.
I live the life of a Parent.
I live the life of a Sportsman.
I live the life of a Musician.
I live the life of an Innovator.
I live the life under a Tree.

I live many lives in a day and at the same time.