People standing in front of an art exhibit

We celebrated the festive season, making sustainability a priority.

At Brookfield Properties, sustainability isn’t a box we tick; it’s how we do business. The festive year of 2021–22 was no different, as we celebrated a Merrier and Greener Christmas across our campuses. In the process of celebrating the festival responsibly, our ‘Trees of Hope’ exhibition, across seven marquee campuses in five cities from December 15, 2021 – January 10, 2022, had installations made from recycled wood and discarded flex. At the end of this exhibition, the trees will be repurposed into utility products for the under-served. Nothing will go to the landfill.


We also launched a Pan India campaign to encourage our communities to do their bit for the environment by taking a picture with/of the tree, tagging @BrookfieldPropertiesIndia using #BrookfieldCares and posting it on social media. For every post, we had promised to plant a tree. The campaign received an overwhelming response, with 910+ posts and 230+ stories shared on social media platforms, with a total reach of 186,523. In keeping with our promise, we will be planting 1,140 trees this year. By holding our business to the highest standards of sustainability, we’re helping to build a brighter future. For this reason, the ‘Trees of Hope’ are being re-purposed for the under-served and will be back this year again.

Materials used for "Trees of Hope"

  • 4,000+ KGs

    Recycled wood

  • 2,500+ KGs

    Reused metal pipes

  • 100+ KGs

    Discarded flex and plastic

trees of hope
decorated tree with Brookfield Properties logo at the base
tree sculpture made of brown, green, gold and white diamond shapes and a gold star on top