A curation of interesting scenes from Brookfield Properties’ pan-India celebrations of the festival of lights

Due to the pandemic, our office campuses were deprived of Diwali celebrations in 2020 and 2021. We missed the diyas, sweets and traditional costumes. So, when the festival of lights promised to make a comeback in 2022, that, expectedly, generated lots of excitement.


Our ‘Diwali Carnival’ was held, in October, across our campuses and business parks in the north, east and west regions. Mandala (‘circle’ in English) was the theme of the three-day fest. Mandala, as you may know, symbolises the universe in the Hindu cosmology. The actionpacked festival featured flea markets, talent contests for tenants, dance performances through the day, and music concerts at night.

Thousands enjoyed the celebrations across our campuses. ‘Diwali Carnival’ vividly illustrated the engaging and vibrant cultural experiences we create for communities where we operate.