To transform the modern-day retail concept and add value to tenants and shoppers alike, the upcoming Binge Central is ready for fit-outs at Candor TechSpace in Sector 62, Noida.

As the latest addition to our campus, the upcoming retail square, Binge Central, presides to be the most happening place in Noida. It is designed like a poriferous cube with a square plan that is naturally ventilated and breathes organically to create a pleasant pedestrian experience while connecting various towers to a myriad of functions and experiences, ranging from experiential retail to curated F&B and endless entertainment.


The exterior pergola along the building is designed around the central theme of placemaking and provides a shaded passage for a comfortable commute to pedestrians, along with nooks and avenues where people can meet, relax and bring their conversations alive. In addition, the amphitheater located across Binge Central acts as a leisure square that boosts activity, vibrancy and dynamism on the campus. With a 240-people capacity, the amphitheater creates a buzzing environment for activities and events all year round.


The upcoming Binge Central will offer diverse experiences to not just the professionals working on the campus but also to people across Noida and Delhi-NCR who would like to visit for leisure. Positioned in a prominent hub, the building transforms the modern-day experience and provides an endless trail of retail, entertainment and sustainable development. People can spice up their check-ins, feed their Instagram, glam up their selfies and do a lot more. Visitors can walk into the best-in-class cafes, lounges and restaurants and treat their taste buds here. Its immersive spaces, intriguing activity zones and experiential retail destination aim to offer an elevated shopping experience. With architecture that stimulates extraordinary experiences, Binge Central in Noida is all set to become a leisure and experiential destination.