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Candor TechSpace has opened the doors to its first-ever experiential SEZ office at its Sector 48, Gurugram campus! Read on to know more about what all makes this a special addition to our brand story.

Tower 5 A, SEZ Building

For Candor TechSpace, its campuses have always been the physical embodiment of the values and culture that permeate through its core philosophy of ‘adding life to your days’. Little wonder then that we have made sure to follow this philosophy—which focuses on helping the professionals working in the campuses realise their full potential in a stimulating environment—even while designing our first-ever experiential SEZ office, at Candor TechSpace’s 24.8-acre campus in Sector 48, Gurugram. The first in the country of this finesse, our new SEZ office offers a top-notch experience with a waiting lounge and separate meeting rooms and a working area. It is housed within a building that stands out yet blends into the existing functional infrastructure of the campus. Here’s all you need to know about it:

The design concept

Candor TechSpace commissioned Genesis for designing this new SEZ office. The avant-garde SEZ office that has been designed incorporates aesthetic innovation and is housed within an independent five-storeyed building that also provides Candor’s management office space for the campus. The building’s design also incorporates a remarkable porch to create a unique arrival experience.

The design incorporates the use of the latest advances in materials to bring to life an open-groove, breathable façade. The façade provides a high degree of transparency into the lobby and common areas. It is also double glazed for stringent heat transmission. Moreover, the façade design is in sync with mechanical services to optimise solar performance, acoustic performance, daylight penetration, access to views of landscaped areas and passive glare control, while meeting the design intent and architectural integrity.

The end result: a state-of-the-art space that showcases Candor’s dedicated focus on innovation in the best way possible.

Distinct-style artwork on display
The workstation area for employees
Collaboration space

A seamless part of the whole

Ceramic panels and high-efficiency glass have been put to effective use in the exteriors of the building, accentuated with aluminium jaali work railings in the balconies. This in turn makes the building an independent structure that is singular yet blends into the whole complex.

Inside the building, the first thing that catches the eye is the welcoming reception area. There is also a waiting lounge that offers visitors a comfortable and cosy space to wait. On display here are artefacts, awards and audio-visual content that give a glimpse of our brand story.

A cozy view

The interiors incorporate artwork and artefacts showcasing the human spirit and colours of life in all their glory; the softer tones and hues enveloping visitors in the same warmth that the organisation spreads among the tenants and professionals in its campuses daily. And all of this helps visitors easily immerse themselves in our brand story here, at their own pace and time.

A whole floor is dedicated to meeting rooms to facilitate meetings with complete privacy and meaningful dialogue. Each room features accentuated light fixtures, video conferencing facilities and motorised blinds.

Designing with care

The design of the building adheres to the principles of inclusion and is therefore differently abled friendly. Easy access with automatic doors and dedicated toilet facilities has been provided on every floor.

Apart from addressing the comfort and utility aspects, the design ensures the highest standards of safety and efficiency. The building is equipped to address any fire emergencies and allows safe evacuation of occupants.

Most importantly, as the design of the building focuses on sustainability, it manages natural resources and conserves energy and water through maximum use of natural lighting, installation of sensors in various zones for effective and efficient use of lighting and electricity, etc. A highly efficient electronic air-purifying system has also been deployed in association with Honeywell. Moreover, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system controlled by an intelligent technology has been integrated, so as to allow occupants to control the temperature levels as per their individual comfort.

With its perfect medley of contemporary interiors and innovative technology, our first-ever experiential SEZ office is already helping us create connections with our occupiers and building their interest. Here’s to creating an immersive experience!