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Our innovative placemaking initiatives deliver unique experiences for our tenants and communities.

Brookfield Properties is changing the game in the real estate industry by reimagining the concept of placemaking. By engaging and collaborating with employees, tenants and communities, we are creating a world of unique experiences within its campuses.

From wellbeing to art and culture to sustainability, our engagement and activations are designed to create vibrant and engaged communities through asset and tenant experiences. The recent activations are a testament to its commitment to creating engaging and collaborative spaces. From celebrating the festival of Holi with dance performances and colors to musical evenings called Euphoria that entertained tenants and employees in seven campuses, in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Kolkata, Brookfield Properties’ events bring people together. On World Happiness Day, on March 20, the Millennia Business Park in Chennai hosted a laughter therapy session, which was attended by 54 people. The brand has also been hosting movie screenings and other such community-driven initiatives.

euphorai euphorai

Additionally, Brookfield Properties collaborated with the oldest community of Powai, IIT Bombay, to curate a unique running experience “The Innovation Run” which brought together CxOs who ran alongside the students of IIT Bombay. The leaders of today and tomorrow showing their solidarity to the run only helped in furthering the cause. The run ended with a carnival with live music, food pop-ups, shopping and entertainment witnessing participation from the entire Powai community making it a perfect blend of fun, fitness, community, and social cause and entertainment. The net proceeds from this zero-waste run will be used to support various charitable and social causes promoted by the Rotary Club.

As a socially responsible brand we partnered with The Bamboo Bae, a maker of bamboo-based products, to promote eco-friendly alternatives. A Bamboo Bae popup exhibited at Millenia Business Park for five days in March nudged tenants toward reducing their “plastic footprint” by presenting eco-friendly alternatives, such as brush combs and staplers made from bamboo.


laughter-therapy laughter-therapy

In conclusion, Brookfield Properties is transforming the real estate industry by creating vibrant and engaged communities through asset and tenant experiences. Its multi-disciplinary process, commitment to curating human experience, and global placemaking expertise are transforming urban visions into enduring value for its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.


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