People standing in front of an art exhibit

The Equinox Cricket League in Mumbai brought joy and excitement to the workplace

What can be more effective and exciting than cricket to get corporates together and engage them in a fun game?

As 16 teams played for exciting rewards at the Equinox Business Park, the flagship campus by Brookfield Properties in BKC Mumbai, the workspace was induced with joy and a rush of adrenalin.


The league, held from  May 25 to  June 3, was a big hit amongst not just the players, but also the overjoyed spectators, as it also gave them an opportunity to network with employees across the campus. The league helped people get that much deserving break from the monotony of their work day, enjoy a day on the field and engage in physical activity.

At Brookfield Properties, going to work never feels routine because the amenities and experiences we deliver are just as exceptional as the places we create.

The cricket league was just one such experience amongst the many we curate, including art, culture and retail that elevates work life.