Woman walking in a mall Woman walking in a mall

Built on efficiency

The SoNo Collection is one of the newest additions to our retail portfolio. This spectacular 700,000-square-foot center was designed with a contemporary shopping experience in mind for the community of South Norwalk, Connecticut.

Electric vehicle charging station Electric vehicle charging station

Operating sustainably

The SoNo Collection has integrated sustainable practices since its initial planning stages, and was built on a remediated brownfield site. Our focus continued through construction, as we aligned our sustainability goals with contractors to reduce the use of toxic materials and minimize construction waste. Air quality was a priority, with work scheduled to ensure that interior finishes were kept in separate dry areas to reduce moisture-related issues. 

Minimizing our impact on the surrounding area was a key consideration in development. The property was designed to limit light pollution and enhance pedestrian access. Our contractor also implemented a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, limiting toxins from entering the surrounding water systems. 

The SoNo Collection is designed to operate efficiently and sustainably. We have included multiple measures, from zoning and moisture sensors minimizing water usage, to an energy-efficient design providing 30% – 40% more insulation than required by LEED.

A performance at a mall courtyard A performance at a mall courtyard

A community gathering place

The center offers a unique mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options, and highlights art installations from local and national artists. While creating new and unique experiences for Fairfield County shoppers, the center acts as a gathering place for the community and is well-positioned to continue our successful track record of sustainable stewardship.