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As part of its employee volunteering programme, Candor TechSpace, in association with Mobile Creches, brought Christmas cheer into the lives of underprivileged children by distributing gifts among them. The big smiles on their little faces really made our day!

The festival of Christmas brings happiness and excitement to everyone. Some people welcome Christmas with bright lights and decorated trees while others celebrate the festival by spending some quality time with the underprivileged and spreading the cheer around.

This time, Christmas came early for 55-60 underprivileged children in the Delhi-NCR region, courtesy an employee volunteering programme conducted by Candor TechSpace in association with Mobile Creches. Mobile Creches is a voluntary organisation that offers daycare, health-care and educational facilities to children of migrant workers who work at construction sites in Delhi- NCR. Mobile Creches’ association with Candor goes back a long way.


Then arrived the day for distributing the items collected to children at the crèche: 24th December 2019. The eagerness, anticipation and excitement among the children were very much evident when we arrived at the crèche. Big smiles broke out on their little faces when we started handing out the gaily wrapped presents. It was a delight to see the children unwrapping the gifts and squealing in joy on seeing the item inside. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing children smile, and as each and every child around us happily admired the cricket bat, ball, doll, building blocks, toy car, board game, puzzle, stationery, colouring book, colours or winter wear gifted to them, it really made our day! The children’ joy doubled upon eating the Christmas fruit cake that we had specially brought for them on the occasion.

We too had a great time as we got to become a ‘Santa of joy’ for the little ones and spread happiness among them. What’s more, each one of us also got a lovely return gift from the children—a stick doll painstakingly made by them—that we will be keeping as a memento of our visit to the crèche. Let’s continue spreading the happiness by helping the underprivileged!.

Under the employee volunteering programme, Candor organised a collection and distribution drive for underprivileged children, aged from 2-12 years, residing at a crèche in Delhi-NCR. The crèche is run and managed by Mobile Creches and supported by Candor. The drive was conducted at Candor’s campuses in Gurugram and Noida, and a wish list featuring games, stationery and winter wear that the children could use, was circulated among tenants and their employees. Contributions poured in plenty for this noble cause! Around 50 employees from Candor’s campuses participated in the employee volunteering programme.