Welcome To Our New Rejuve Terrace

Placemaking is deeply ingrained in Candor’s philosophy of developing its campuses. To this end, Candor recently unveiled the ‘Rejuve Terrace’ to upgrade the workplace experience at its campus in Sector 21, Gurugram.

Did you know that a happier workplace is more productive? Little wonder that more and more corporate organisations across the world are expanding the idea of the workplace by including facilities such as leisure spaces, break-out zones, recreational amenities, cafeterias, shopping and service amenities in their premises. It’s believed that such leisure facilities and social spaces can promote interaction and collaboration among employees, reduce their stress and enhance their productivity.

At Candor TechSpace, we have been working towards creating places that are experiential destinations for the IT/ITES professionals working in our campuses. Placemaking is deeply ingrained in our development philosophy and the way we run our business daily. What has been making the workplace experience even more exciting for the professionals in our campuses are the useful facilities and public spaces that we have introduced in the premises. Take for instance, our campus at Sector 21 in Gurugram where we have undertaken a project of upgrading the quality of open spaces and increasing their number as per global thought. The idea is to enhance the mental and physical well-being of employees through exposure to green and open spaces. To this end, we inaugurated an open, sit-out terrace called the ‘Rejuve Terrace’ in the campus on 13th September 2019.

To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a high tea for the campus occupants, the Facility team and the Admin team. The chief guest was SEZ Customs Officer Shri Harvinder Bawa, who cut the ribbon to inaugurate the terrace amidst huge applause from the attendees. The guests then mingled and interacted with each other. Looking at the smiles on the faces of attendees, we’ll say the event was a grand success!

If you are working at our campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, we invite you to step away from your office desk once in a while and spend some time in our newly-inaugurated Rejuve Terrace. The winter season has some exciting activities lined up here. So, step outside your office and take a walk along the Rejuve Terrace today to experience the benefits!