People standing in front of an art exhibit

Straight out of a fairy tale: We created a beautiful butterfly garden at The Galleria Mall, and the kids and parents loved it

As one of our core pillars, we have always emphasized placemaking in building unique experiences for tenants, people and communities across our assets. Galleria Mall, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, managed by Brookfield Properties, hosted a summer surprise for its shoppers by curating a butterfly garden, giving families a reason to spend quality time together.

A vibrant butterfly themed arch at the entrance of the mall set the tone for the exciting garden of activities awaiting the kids inside. Once in, visitors were enthralled by the gigantic, animatronics butterflies placed across the mall. A team of experts conducted curated walks explaining the tiny insect’s anatomy and introducing the children to butterflies from across the world.

The mall hosted colourful butterfly parades, origami, finger painting, butterfly hand puppets-making workshops and sessions on recycling waste to make butterfly sculptures and acrylic paintings. We also invited wildlife experts from Bannerghata Butterfly Park to teach the children all about butterfly anatomy along with showing real butterflies, pupa, and caterpillar.

Apart from all day activities, every visitor who shopped over Rs 5,000 a day got to participate in the lucky draw. The winners went home with domestic vacation vouchers (Flights, stay and breakfast for mom, dad and child for two nights and three days were included in the package) and OnePlus handsets, thereby putting a befitting end to summer vacation and summer fest.


Cycling as a sport got immensely popular in India during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, for its many health benefits. In Bengaluru, especially, it gave birth to an active community of cyclists who want to excel in the sport. Life is calling Sports, powered by Brookfield Properties and venue partner The Galleria Mall, gave a momentum to this community through the third edition of the cyclathon.