Candor TechSpace, under the guidance of the Government of India, observed the 75th National Fire Service Week at all of its campuses from 14 - 20 April 2019. The week saw several activities being organized to spread awareness on fire prevention and management.


In April 2019, Candor TechSpace observed the 75th National Fire Service Week to pay homage to the fire service personnel who laid down their lives in the line of duty during a rescue operation on 14th April 1944. These brave firefighters lost their lives while fighting the huge fire that erupted after an explosion on S. S. Fort Stikine, a ship that was berthed at Victoria Docks in Bombay (now Mumbai). Keeping this is mind, the Government of India and related bodies and corporate organisations like Candor TechSpace observe this Week and conduct fire safety training, drills and rehearsals to strengthen their preparedness to combat emergencies.

During the National Fire Service Week this year, Candor TechSpace hosted several activities across its campuses with the aim of creating fire safety awareness among its occupiers and their employees. Fire safety banners and equipment were put up on display at every campus. Practical fire extinguisher training was conducted and tips and guidelines on the functioning of fire extinguishers were given to the audience. A fire safety handout was distributed to provide occupants and their employees with succinct and useful information that would assist them in safeguarding themselves and their workplace.

Candor’s Fire Safety Team also conducted classroom and practical training in basic fire safety for the benefit of children, teachers and staff of schools located near Candor’s campuses. These schools were Govt Girl’s School, Sector 52, Wazirabad, Gurugram; Govt School, Dundahera, Sector 21, Gurugram; Bloomfield Public School, Sector 62, Noida; Govt School, Sector 135, Noida; and Bodhicariya Senior Secondary School, New Town-Rajarhat, Kolkata. The goal was to create awareness regarding fire safety measures and fire prevention and emergency response techniques. Each session saw an instructor providing basic information about fire behaviour, explaining how one can prevent fires from occurring, and elaborating on how to stop the fire—if it occurs—from spreading by taking some basic measures. Some time was also set aside for demonstrating how to safely operate fire extinguishers.

Candor TechSpace observed this Week and conducted fire safety training,drills and rehearsals to strengthen its preparedness to combat emergencies.

Candor also organised a mock demonstration on fire rescue from the refuge area, in association with the state fire service departments. The goal behind this activity was to promote awareness and showcase the
readiness of the fire service personnel in case a rescue operation is required from refuge areas.

The National Fire Service Week at Candor’s campuses saw a mix of occupiers, employees, associates as well as teachers and students of various schools benefiting from the fire safety activities that were organised. We, at Candor TechSpace, hope that all of them remember the tips and guidelines we had shared and work towards improving the level of fire safety in their surroundings. After all, as the theme of this year’s National Fire Service Week states, “Fire prevention is better than firefighting”.