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Eva Berendes: Gateways

100 Bishopsgate

February 28, 2023 - February 28, 2023

Eva Benderes: Gateways

Berlin-based artist Eva Berendes returns to London in a yearlong artist-in-residency with Brookfield Properties at 100 Bishopsgate. Gateways presents three of Berendes’ architectural sculptures in the bold reception space of 100 Bishopsgate, reflective of a city skyline. There is a dualism to each gate; a ‘front’ where stretched canvas’ alludes to finished architecture, the bricks or tiles, and a ‘back’ where the artist shows the viewer the stretched canvas’, the process of making the frame of each sculpture, allowing the viewer space to imagine or ‘complete’ the artworks architecture.


Eva Berendes works in the field of painting as an expanded field of production, sculpture and public art. Her artistic methods interrogate the constituents of image-making, putting their key attributes into new dialogues with those of architecture, urban infrastructure, and everyday objects.

Saff Williams, Curatorial Director, Brookfield Properties: “Eva’s gate like sculptures are the perfect reflection of our every-changing expansive skyline as they can be read in the round and offer new architectural perspectives from differing angles. The bold arched-columns, invites our tenants to wonder and explore, offering opportunity for a change of thought or feeling as they pass through on their every-day journeys. We are delighted to show her for 2023."

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100 Bishopsgate
London, United Kingdom EC2M 1GT

Date & Time

February 28, 2023 - February 28, 2023