Afternoon sunlight shining on Redefine, 2020 installation

Brookfield Properties wanted to work with German artists at Potsdamer Platz and chose 44flavours because of the way that their collaging of forms and shapes explore space, using windows and passages to create a universal language that explores our surroundings. The juxtaposition of styles, perspectives, and illusions is the result of their work process, which can be viewed as an action-reaction between the two artists. While their painting on canvas plays with different perspectives and illusions of space, their objects, and sculptures function like an appropriation of space. Extract from Elke Giffeler’s text.

Potsdamer Platz - A1 icon-external-site-link

Potsdamer Platz 1
Berlin, Germany 10785

Date & Time

August 2, 2020 - August 12, 2022