"Nests" by Victor Seaward

Brookfield Properties, London is a proud supporter of Sculpture in the City an annual sculpture park that uses the urban realm as a rotating gallery space. This year's exhibition features three pieces located in the public spaces of Brookfield Properties destinations. Explore the broader exhibition, featuring 20 artworks in the 11th Edition, on display in the City of London’s financial district from June 22, 2022 through spring 2023.

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Emma Louise Moore: MISS  @100 Bishopsgate

Emma Louise Moore’s piece, carved from Carrara marble, becomes translucent when penetrated by the sun, making the passing of time tangible.

Deep within the landscape of the city, sunlight bounces endlessly between reflective surfaces. The surrounding buildings create passing shadows and moments of inactivity, allowing the illumination of the work to be ephemeral, its activation by the sun a momentary phenomenon.

Moore’s sculptures create a space that asks us to pause and observe. Taunting our instantaneous expectations. The sun becomes the artist, dictating when the work is activated and dormant. These pieces are created in a place of servitude, a return to sun-worship, a deeper notion of time.

Mike Ballard: Rough Neck Business  @100 Bishopsgate

Rough Neck Business is made up of hoardings sourced from several sites across London. They include green hoardings from the Olympic Park, and blue hoardings from Dalston and Hackney Wick. All of these sites have seen great changes over recent years, and have been surrounded by hoardings for quite some time.

As with all of the artist’s sculptures, Mike Ballard is interested in taking this material, that normally represents a threshold of ownership and protection of property, and transforming it from sheet form into a 3d structure of its own, to be admired for its un-painterly qualities and the ‘witness marks’ of the time it stood on the street.

Victor Seaward: Nests  @99 Bishopsgate

Taking the form of imagined phantasmagorical fruits, these artworks by Victor Seaward function simultaneously as aesthetic sculptures and functional bird nests. The nests are sculpted using digital software and fully 3D printed in a durable material called PETG, before being painted in enamel. Conceived to attach to trees and blend in with the seasonal foliage, the sculptures have been designed in accordance with RSPB guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for nesting. The internal cavity is insulated to provide warmth during cold snaps, drainage holes have been incorporated in case of heavy rain, and sustainable coconut hemp is used as nesting material.


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100 Bishopsgate
London, United Kingdom EC2M 1GT

99 & 100 Bishopsgate

Date & Time

June 22, 2022 - May 31, 2023