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2021 ESG Report


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Reimagining for resilience

Resilient and efficient infrastructure reduces operational expenses, attracts high-quality tenants and is fit for the demands of the future. Effective risk management and proactive investment in adaptive technologies are central tenets in our endeavor to build a resilient organization, with assets that are designed for climate action and resilience. Read more

Long-term targets

Net Zero by 2040

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Asset level improvements

  • Building assessments
  • GHG baseline
  • Improvements integrated into capez planning
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Renewable energy usage

  • Onsite and offsite renewable energy
  • Brookfield renewable partners is resource
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Offsetting remaining GHGs

  • Purchases of renewable energy credits
  • Judicious use of carbon credits
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Reimagining for conservation

At Brookfield Properties, consciousness of the environment is ingrained in our DNA. We strive to provide an experience that is ecologically responsible, pollution-free, and encourages sustainable best practices. Our campuses are built with a focus on climate change resilience, and we encourage the adoption of new, innovative solutions for reduction in resource use, waste generation and emissions. Read more

Long-term targets

  • Increase renewable energy procurement by 50% from 2018-19
  • For 8-hour buildings that are standing investments, ensure EPI of 45 kWh/m2/year
  • Reduce water intensity by 50% from 2018-19
  • 50% of the material cost of development to be spent on green material

Energy and emissions

At Brookfield Properties, we are mindful of the impact that we have on global greenhouse emissions and are therefore focused on ensuring that a multi-year plan is in place to achieve energy and emission reductions. Keeping long-term goals of net zero by 2040 or sooner.
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Waste management

Responsible waste management is a key tenet of our efforts to enhance our environmental performance. Considerations related to waste management are integrated into our developments from the design stage, as we aim to reduce our operating carbon impact by embedding circularity into our organization.
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Waste consumption

Water security is one of the essential determinants of our shared objective of a sustainable future and improving environmental performance. We have invested in efficient HVAC = systems, low-flow fixtures, and STPs that minimized both our water withdrawals and consumption.
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With rapid urbanization comes a spiraling demand for spaces that not only provide a welcome break from routine, but are also oases of natural tranquility. We engage with leading global design experts while incorporating best practices into our design and development guidelines and interventions.
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