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2021 ESG Report


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Reimagining for productivity

At Brookfield Properties, our sustainable solutions help build a better world for people, businesses and communities. Our commitment of ensuring the well-being of our stakeholders begins within our operations. We invest in initiatives and programs to foster a conducive work environment, provide support for career development, and ensure the health and well-being of our employees. This, in turn, helps our people create an enhanced experience for increased occupant productivity. Read more

Long-term targets

  • 100% of portfolio to be certified for health and well-being
  • Gender parity on the executive leadership team
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Reimagining for inclusivity

Diversity and inclusion are key pillars to building an innovative and resilient organization that fosters representation and respects and integrates a different viewpoint, in turn attracting high-quality talent and clientele. Bringing a breadth of experiences and perspectives together is helping us build a better, more accessible world for people, businesses, communities and the planet, and enhance our financial performance in the process. Read more

Long-term targets

  • At least one recruitment drive to be conducted for differently abled people annually
  • Human rights assessment of 100% of Tier-1 suppliers

Reimagining for communities

We are not simply a partner to our communities — we’re a part of them. This means collaborating, customizing developments to meet the neighborhoods’ specific needs, and identifying the best use for each property, all while considering the interests of local communities. Read more

Long-term targets

  • Conduct impact assessments for all CSR projects
  • Ensure gender parity in CSR beneficiaries
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