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Sustainability: it's how we do business

What if helping the environment was as easy as going to work? For our tenants, it is.


A culture of respecting our planet

Respect for the environment is embedded into all aspects of our operations, from conserving energy, to managing resources, to reducing waste. And ultimately, this commitment to sustainability proves time and again that building responsibly doesn’t mean compromising value.

A multilayered building with many windows sits in the city. It has many trees around it. A mid size building has many windows on it. The building is surrounded by other buildings and also trees.
  • Sustainability at the forefront

    We recognize that energy efficiency not only helps lower operating costs, but helps protect our planet

  • A portfolio-wide commitment

    We prioritize the environmental performance of our buildings

  • Focused on the future

    And we integrate innovative technologies across our portfolio

Sustainability at a glance


core office space have a sustinability designation


reduction in carbon emissions since 2015


homes powered for a year from energy savings


We believe that world-class commercial real estate and world-class sustainability practices are two sides of the same coin. Our goal is simple: to elevate the work experience while protecting our communities and planet.

Ben Brown, Managing Partner, U.S. Office


Learn about how we embed sustainability into our office portfolio

At Brookfield Properties, we recognize that energy efficiency not only helps lower operating costs — it’s also a critical component in protecting our planet. And in today’s world, no one can afford to put sustainability second.