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Revolutionize Retail

Voice of the Retail Revolution

At Brookfield Properties, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s next. So, we’ve partnered with the most forward-thinking leaders — from CEOs to analysts — to bring you a webinar series that examines the forces that will revolutionize retail. Join us as we highlight the latest trends, explore how our industry is evolving, discuss the challenges and opportunities that new technologies present, and reimagine how strategic partnerships can serve our communities.

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Reinventing Retail Real Estate: The Changing Landscape of the Modern Marketplace

As shopping centers evolve to meet the live/work/play needs of their communities, the retail architecture industry is responding with vibrant designs that provide attractive pedestrian environments, ample dining spaces, pet-friendly areas, and more, transforming them into multiuse consumer engagement centers. In our latest Voice of the Retail Revolution webinar, Adam Pew — Senior Associate at JPRA Architects, a full-service architecture firm focused on experiential, mixed-use retail projects — looks at innovative advances in technology and design that create more opportunities for personalization and emotional connection.

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Luxury’s Renaissance: State of the Industry & the New Consumer

Luxury is about elevating the everyday. It’s about exclusivity and brand recognition. It’s about wellness and lifestyle. And it’s about the personal attention and memorable in-store experience that luxury shopping delivers. As new and more diverse generations become luxury consumers — Gen Y and Gen Z consumers are predicted to make up 70% of the luxury market by 2025 — the concept of luxury is no longer one-size-fits-all.

In this Voice of the Retail Revolution webinar, retail expert and trend forecaster Faye Landes, President of Landes Advisors, offers a glimpse into the attitudes and behaviors of today’s luxury consumer, highlighting some of the new expectations, new challenges, and new opportunities.

Insights from Savage X Fenty: How This Billion-Dollar Brand is Expanding its Reach Through Brick-and-Mortar

In January 2022, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand opened its first stunning brick-and-mortar store in Brookfield Properties’ Fashion Show Las Vegas. Since then, the inclusive lingerie, innerwear and apparel brand has continued its brick-and-mortar expansion with five locations nationwide to date. In this episode of our Voice of the Retail Revolution webinar, Savage X Fenty Co-President & Chief Merchandising and Design Officer Christiane Pendarvis — recently recognized in Women’s Wear Daily’s 2022 “50 Women in Power” — talks with Erin McCarthy, VP of Retail Development at Brookfield Properties, about the importance of the in-person shopping experience for driving growth and shares her thoughts on leadership, DEI, brand authenticity, and so much more.

A Beautiful Vision: Connecting Communities with Dynamic Installations

Investing in the artist community and integrating original artwork into our shopping centers are key elements of our efforts to create beautiful, inspiring, placemaking environments. At a time when the retail industry is embracing art in innovative ways, Andrew Barton, VP of Creative and Brand Strategy at Brookfield Properties, and acclaimed Chicago-based public artist Matthew Hoffman, founder of You Are Beautiful, talk about the power of public art and its surprising impact on people, places, and quality of life.


Building a Winning Culture: Inspiring Innovation & Driving Growth

How can companies build a reputation as a place people want to work and a brand consumers want to buy? Michelle Isabel, VP of Business Development at Brookfield Properties and Ron Harvey, Co-Founder and VP of Global Core Strategies and Consulting, take a deep dive into the importance of company culture and how it impacts business success.


Shaping the Future of Retail: Meet the Consumer of Tomorrow

How will shifts in consumer lifestyles impact the retail ecosystem? Explore the possibilities with Denise Marsicano, EVP of Leasing at Brookfield Properties, and Doug Stephens, CEO and Founder of Retail Prophet. Fresh off the launch of the second season of Retail Reborn (the hit podcast series from The Business of Fashion), Stephens shares insights on how and where consumers will shop in the future.

The Value of Brick and Mortar: A Walking Tour or the SoNo Collection

Take a virtual walk through a contemporary shopping experience. Meredith Darnall, Chief Optimization Officer at Brookfield Properties, chats with Stacey Widlitz, Founder of SW Retail Advisors, about physical retail’s key role in shaping the mall of the future.

From Owners to Partners, the Way Forward: Transforming Retail Real Estate

What does it mean for an owner to be a strategic retail partner? Rod Sides, Vice Chair and U.S. Leader of Retail and Distribution at Deloitte, joins Anna Baskin, VP of Business Solutions at Brookfield Properties, to speak on the changing relationship between owners and retailers. 

Sustainability and Luxury Retail: Opponents or Allies?

Are luxury and sustainability mutually exclusive? Kirsten Lee, EVP of Luxury Leasing at Brookfield Properties, and Stephanie Benedetto, CEO and Founder of Queen of Raw, reveal insights on how the two can work together. 

Fact or Fiction: What You Need to Know About Physical Retail

“Ecommerce is the future of retail” and “Physical retail is too expensive” are common narratives. What’s the real story? Our talk with Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, addresses the most pressing questions facing the industry. 

The Power of Physical Retail

What’s the value of brick-and-mortar retail? Michelle Isabel, VP, Business Development at Brookfield Properties, sat down with Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of the Lionesque Group and Principal at MG2, to discuss why shoppers are rushing back to stores.