Statues at Ala Moana

Brookfield Properties uses artistic elements to create dwell spaces that attract and inspire shoppers.

Remember the days when you had to visit a museum or gallery to see your favorite works of art? Now, with the increasing innovation of shopping centers across the United States, you can view colorful installations, 6-foot-tall sculptures and unique masterpieces right next to your favorite retailers.   

Today, consumers seek out non-traditional shopping experiences that are meaningful and memorable. And because their time is valuable and limited, creating an inviting space that acts as a one-stop-shop to meet all their needs is key. Understanding the needs of our tenants' customers, Brookfield Properties uses elements such as art to create dwell spaces that attract, inspire and entertain our shoppers. Concepts range from sculptures and installations to interactive and communal art pieces. This celebration of art and creativity completes the shopper's experience, offering them a place to shop, dine, explore and get lost in imagination. 

Take a look at how we're infusing our centers with art and creativity:

Art Walk at Ala Moana Center

Ala Moana Center's Art Walk is a multi-million dollar art collection that reflects the beauty and cultural diversity of Hawaii. The collection includes 6 aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking sculptures, made by American and Japanese artists. Shoppers can enjoy these sculptures as they walk along the center's expansive koi ponds or lounge in various seating areas. 

Ala Moana Pumpkin


Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, created this 6-foot-tall, 1,200-pound sculpture to commemorate her family's experience during WWII. Pumpkins served as a means of substance and comfort during the war, and this piece captures the gratitude and spiritual connection she has towards the fruit.

Tall bronze sculpture sits inside a fountain at Ala Moana Center

Kia'i (The Guardian)

This 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture, created by Gerard Tsutakawa, draws from many rich cultures and themes. The wide top, taper and jagged edges evoke the shape of a Polynesian war club, while the zig zags are reminiscent of the folded paper ornamentation of good fortune and purification seen at Japanese shrines. 

Community Mural at Oxmoor Center

Oxmoor Center in Louisville, Kentucky partnered with Twisted Pink, an organization that helps fund metastatic breast cancer research, to raise money for charity. For a donation, visitors to the center could contribute to a paint-by-numbers community mural that, when completed, depicted a postcard with famous Louisville attractions. The community mural was successful in contributing to a great cause, and also offered the community an opportunity to come together, destress and express themselves. 

Greetings louisville mural

Colorful Installations at Fashion Show

Transforming its outdoor Plaza patio into a museum-like space of eye-catching artwork, Fashion Show has become a leader in inspiring its customers with colorful, awe-inspiring pieces. Shoppers and passersby are delighted by pieces by world-renowned sculpture artists and trendy local artists while visiting the area’s largest shopping, dining and entertainment destination. The following are some of the pieces you can expect to see at Fashion Show: 

Heart Statue


Created in partnership with art consultancy Building 180 and Life is Beautiful, and sourced specially for The Plaza at Fashion Show, this piece is inspiring visitors to Fashion Show. 
Designed by Katy Boynton, the 12x15 foot steel replica of a heart that has been repeatedly broken and pieced back together debuted in 2012 at Burning Man and has since been seen at Life is Beautiful Festival, Bottle Rock Napa and many more. The sculpture glows at night, drawing shoppers in to experience its beauty. 

Colorful Stairs

Art on Plaza Stairs

Located on the strip-side Plaza staircase, this 50-foot mural, titled "Colors that speak to a United city", was created by former graffiti artist Tanya "Miscre8" Watler. The stair art resembles a cascading rainbow and serves as a visual and interactive celebration of the diversity, enthusiasm and optimism that Las Vegas tourist and local population is known for. 

This exclusive artistic experience features a total of 73 unique colors and took the artist 72 hours to complete. Visitors are invited to climb the stairs, take photos with their friends and family, and share on social media. 

Van Gogh for All at Water Tower Place

Brookfield Properties partnered with Van Gogh For All to bring its traveling exhibit to Water Tower Place in Chicago, Illinois. The interactive, hands-on, pop-up tour allows visitors to experience lifelike replicas of the artist's work. The exhibit completely immerses visitors into the works of the world-famous artist, allowing them to enter his world and his creative mind.

Van Gough at Water Tower Place

Celebrating local artists at The Shoppes at Carlsbad

Art at the Shoppes, at The Shoppes at Carlsbad, celebrates artistic expression by welcoming local and regional artists, curated by Bryan Snyder, for a day of live painting. The live experience takes place at the east end of the mall and invites shoppers to enjoy the painting in action. 

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